Visual (Silent) Gestures

Visual Attention:  In Kubie's gesturing to Zura a high percentage of visual gestures (83-100% depending on gesture) were performed when Kubie had, or made sure he got, Zura's visual attention.

Playface The percentage of visual gestures performed with a playface varied by gesture type from low to high (11-57%).

Contact:  A high percentage of contact (59-79% depending on gesture) between the gorillas resulted soon after Kubie's visual gestures; most of these contacts (76%) were initiated by Zura.

Context:  Visual gestures were most frequent in game contexts of keep-away and chasing at relatively close distances.

Video examples:  armshake, armswing under, bite, chest pat, come, down, head nod, tap other.


- Dr. Joanne Tanner

- Charles Ernest




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