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    Please travel around my website to learn more about the gorillas at the San Francisco Zoo and their gestural communication . You will find a great deal of video that illustrates gorilla gestures better than words can.

    This website reflects the results of an ongoing research project that began in 1988 (see publications) . All photos and video are by Joanne Tanner and Charles Ernest unless otherwise credited.

    As well as being appreciative of the input of many mentors over the years, Joanne is extremely grateful for the continuing collaboration of husband Charles L. Ernest , who has been cameraman, video editor, and computer troubleshooter for nearly 20 years.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


- Dr. Joanne Tanner

- Charles Ernest



SF Zoo Gorillas

Gorilla Gestures Intro


- Why Create Gestures

- Tactile

- Visual

- Audible

- Iconic

- Imitation

- Phrases/Exchanges

- Other Zoos

- Gesture Table

- Triadic Play Intro

- Triadic Play Research


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