Charles Ernest's Biography

    Charles L. Ernest has been the cameraman for Dr. Tanner's research since 1988, and also her technical support in all areas of computers and photography.

    Charles joined the U.S. Navy at the age of seventeen and served for 25 years, retiring as Lieutenant Commander. He served in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, and also spent time stationed in Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, Midway Island and Alaska as well as duty in the contiguous United States. Upon retirement he continued his interrupted education, attending De Anza College, College of Notre Dame, and graduating from USC with a Masters Degree in Science in 1984. Concurrently, he pursued a career in Design Assurance at GTE. Upon retirement in 1989 he found a new interest in videotaping the gorillas of the San Francisco Zoo. In 1992 and 1993 he accompanied Joanne to Scotland where she studied to qualify to write her doctorate and he learned about the history, geology and archaeology of Scotland. Returning to California, he has continued to document the lives of the gorilla group and to assist Joanne in all things technological.


- Dr. Joanne Tanner

- Charles Ernest



SF Zoo Gorillas

Gorilla Gestures Intro


- Why Create Gestures

- Tactile

- Visual

- Audible

- Iconic

- Imitation

- Phrases/Exchanges

- Other Zoos

- Gesture Table

- Triadic Play Intro

- Triadic Play Research


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