San Francisco Zoo Gorilla Environment

    The subjects, the gorillas at the San Francisco Zoo, are members of a stable social group; at the beginning of the study all of them had spent nearly all of their lives at this zoo. The San Francisco Zoo's present gorilla enclosure has been this groupís home since 1980. It has an outdoors area of 2300 square meters, or 38 by 50 meters at maximum parameters. It is covered with grass and other vegetation and contains large, climbable live trees as well as several dead trees, large stumps, and two large artificial rock structures that include arches and cave-like areas. The viewing areas are above the gorillas except for a large glass window through which the viewers have eye-to eye access to the gorillas. The entry door to the indoor quarters can be either left open or closed, or partially open so that only the smaller gorillas have indoor access.

On the right: the gorilla night quarters

Rock grotto structure provides places to climb and play hiding games

Large trees the gorillas can climb are a special feature in the San Francisco Zoo habitat

Even the larger gorillas use the trees for both rest and play


- Dr. Joanne Tanner

- Charles Ernest



SF Zoo Gorillas


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